THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I appreciate your good thoughts and good words.
THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I appreciate your good thoughts and good words.                                                                                                                                          

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HAPPY VETERANS DAY! ! Photo at the Palo Alto County Democratic Central Committee, about 25 minutes away from our family farm. Former Senate President Jack Kibbie (Left) was a tank commander during the Korean War. He was also my first campaign manager when I ran for thee Iowa House of Representatives. I'm in the middle. I served 28 years in the Army Reserve and National Guard, and retired with the brevet rank of Colonel. My 93 year-old dad, Bob Krause Sr. (Right) is a retired farmer. He served in the Marine Corps in the Pacific during WWII and was in the Battle of Tinian.

 Speaking at the Henry County Democrat fundraising event in Mt Pleasant (September 26th 2015), Krause also talked about the collapse of metal health services in Iowa under the #Branstad-#Grassley eter LET’s QUIT USING LAW ENFORCEMENT AS OUR #1 MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT SYSTEM
Meeting folks at the Farmers Market in Decorah, Iowa
The Song 'Iowa Gold'
Attending the LULAC -League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa in Des Moines Iowa.
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